Spending too much time to find the best resources in Design, Product & No-Code?

You are not alone!
We launched Maker Shots just for you. Shots is a continuous learning repository crafted by industry veterans for designers, product managers and no-coders like you.

What's Included?

75+ Hours of On-Demand Sessions for learning & building better products.

Access recorded videos from Learn, Build & Career Hours on topics of Strategy, Value Creation, No-Code and more.

2000+ Curated & Organised Resources for Makers like you.

Resources under Design, Product Management & No-Code are been meticulously added consistently by a dedicated team.

Workshops that enable better mindsets.

Get a kickstart in learning with focused workshops conducted every quarter and go from 0-1 in less than 4 hours.

Rest and get your answers using Async Q&A.

Get support and clarity from a dedicated team that will help you unstuck when you are building or learning something.

1 Billion Second Decisions

We spent deliberate time making better product decisions as we hate inefficiency hence we launched Maker Shots.

What more to expect?

  • Zero to One learning paths for Design, Product & No-Code.

  • Assessments for learning better and more.

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  • 75+ Hours of On-Demand Sessions from Learn, Career & Build Hours.

  • 2000+ Curated & Organised Resources under Design, Product & No-Code.

  • Access to Community workshops.

  • Get support via Async Q&A on demand.

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